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The Heart of Everything That Is
Our ideas about wild nature can’t be understood without knowing the stories of the people who lived in North America before Columbus.

Renewing the Relatives
One tribe’s efforts to bring back an ancient fish.

Indigenous Migrant Farmworkers Demand Change in the Fields
From Baja California to Washington State, farmworkers are pressing for higher wages and respect.

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More than 60 projects working around the world to protect our environment.

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Alter Terra’s Innovative Entrepreneurial Revitalization Program Reduces Trash Flow Into California’s Tijuana Estuary Preserve by 30%

Every year, some 60,000 cubic yards of sediment and trash flow from the Los Laureles Canyon across the San Diego-Tijuana border and into the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve; the largest coastal wetland in Southern California and last remaining estuary in California.

Oscar Romo and Jennifer Hazard of Alter Terra have found a new purpose for the trash they recover, transforming once-abandoned items and bike parts into ceiling and light fixtures, wallets and purses, and even local public art.

Their innovative solutions to preserve and protect the Tijuana River Valley are featured in a recent San Diego Union Tribune video and article. Thank you Alter Terra for helping to keep our watersheds clean!

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Restoration Initiatives

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Funds dynamic community based restoration programs in Southern California focused on protecting and enhancing wetlands and watersheds.

Also home to Earth Island’s Streets Alive!, including the Utility Box Project.

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