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photo of a man with a microphone in a wildland settingphoto of a child in a temple ruin, carved dragon\s face near
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title = Ethical Traveler: Tibet Mudra, photo by Jeff Greenwald, EthicalTraveler
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[BAWT: Campers]
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alt   = Photo of smiling girls inside a tent
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title = BAWT: Campers
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[Borneo Project: Penan preschool kids]
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alt   = photo of many children holding toys and looking like theyre done posing, ready to play with adults nearby
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title = Borneo Project: Libby OConnor and Martin Jones with Penan preschool kids, photo by Shawn Sullivan
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[KftB: Child holding tiny crab]
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alt   = a child gently holding a tiny crab
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title = KftB: Child holding tiny crab
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[RPN: Himalayan sunrise]
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title = RPN: Himalayan sunrise
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[RPN: red panda in a tree]
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title = RPN: red panda in a tree
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[Yggdrasil: Blanton Forest]
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alt   = photo of a deciduous forest, trees of many colors, mountains behind
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title = Yggdrasil: Blanton Forest -- View from Knobby Rock in Blanton Forest, southeastern Kentucky on a hike in October 2007 to see the forest\s old growth, which totals 3,000 acres. This photo represents the study of old growth conducted by Yggdrasilphoto of young people backpacking

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Celebrating a Big Win for Southern California Burrowing Owls

photo of a burrowing owl

We are proud to announce that Earth Island’s Urban Bird Foundation, in coordination with Sierra Club and Banning Ranch Conservancy, successfully prevented the loss of burrowing owl wintering and foraging habitat in the Banning Ranch area of Newport Beach, California. In a hearing on September 7, 2016, the California Coastal Commission upheld the coalition’s burrowing owl habitat protection recommendations and voted to deny the 895-home Banning Ranch development project on the Southern California coast. The project would have destroyed open space and eliminated acres of critical burrowing owl habitat in Orange County.

“Burrowing owls have been declining in parts of its range for decades, due primarily to conversion of its grassland habitat,” said Scott Artis, Executive Director of Urban Bird Foundation. “The owl is a California Species of Special Concern, has been virtually extirpated in some areas, and has even been the subject of a California Endangered Species Act listing proposal. And since the state of California is considered one of the most important wintering grounds for migrant burrowing owls it is imperative to protect the foraging and over-wintering habitat along Southern California’s coast.”

Since their grassroots movement began in 2008 as Burrowing Owl Conservation Network, Urban Bird has led the restoration of or helped restore open space and grassland habitat across the Western U.S. restoring 10,074 acres of bird habitat.

Read more about their incredible victory and their work in their just published Annual Report.