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Here’s to a Dynamic and Successful 2015!

As we reflect on all of the amazing and impactful work accomplished by Earth Island's programs and projects around the world in 2014 (take a peek at our 2014 year-end update here), we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for subscribing to IslandWire and being a part of our vibrant Earth Island community. Our community of Earth Island programs and projects, subscribers, donors, and supporters give life and meaning to our work. With your sustained support, together, we will continue to forge ahead in 2015 and beyond! If you haven't yet, please consider making a donation to Earth Island today. Every dollar counts! Our financial supporters provide us with crucial funds necessary to continue our mission: supporting people who are creating effective and lasting solutions to protect our shared planet. Here's to a dynamic and successful 2015!

Thursday January 8, 2015

Support Lawsuit Against Taiji Whale Museum

Read the latest update on EII's International Marine Mammal Project, Save Japan Dolphins' and their ally, Australia for Dolphins' lawsuit against the Taiji Whale Museum, located by the notorious killing "Cove" in Taiji, Japan. The museum, which is owned by the town of Taiji and helps train and broker live dolphins caught in the Cove as part of the annual dolphin slaughter, had been denying activists entry. The cost of fighting a lawsuit in Japan is high, and any financial support you can extend would be much appreciated. You can donate towards the campaign here or make a tax-deductible contribution via Earth Island's special fund for this lawsuit. To learn more about the current situation at Taiji, check out Save Japan Dolphin's latest Cove Report.

Thursday January 8, 2015

Watch “The Children’s Climate Crusade”

The final TV episode of Bill Moyers' Moyers & Company - titled "The Children's Climate Crusade" - featured attorney and professor Mary Christina Wood, author of Nature's Trust and the legal strategist of Our Children's Trust, a nonprofit working with EII's Kids vs Global Warming/iMatter. Our Children's Trust is spearheading lawsuits against the US federal government and some state governments to force them to take a more aggressive approach towards curbing carbon emissions. Watch the episode online and learn more about the lawsuits here and here.

Thursday January 8, 2015

The Best of Earth Island Journal

Get the latest environmental news from Earth Island Journal. Here are our favorite web-only stories from the last few weeks:

Most Popular: A Journey Into the Great Bear Rainforest. Writer Sara Santiago writes about how logging and oil interests threaten a rare, temperate rainforest in Canada.

Editors' Pick: In Celebration of John Muir. Author and Earth Island board member John de Graaf explains why the American legend's legacy is especially relevant to today's environmental movement.

Thursday January 8, 2015

The Earth Island Community Is Counting On You

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Dear Friend of Earth Island,

Sitting among the diverse, intergenerational audience who joined us in honoring bold, young environmental leaders at our recent 15th Anniversary Brower Youth Awards ceremony, I was very moved by a sense of appreciation, not only for the inspiring honorees but also for the Earth Island community members – both those who attended BYA and our supporters around the world – who make it possible for us to grow environmental leadership across all our programs.

bya 2014 awardees

Research has shown that diverse human communities, like diverse ecosystems, are more dynamic, resilient, and healthier. People who are part of strong communities help each other and build mutual hope. I’m happy to report to you that our Earth Island community, in all of its diverse aspects, had a dynamic and successful year in 2014. Please read my 2014 year-end letter to learn more about how we support a network of organizations working on a wide array of crucial issues.

A key ingredient to Earth Island’s successes is YOU, and we need your help to continue our strong run in 2015.

Your year-end financial support makes it possible for both emerging and experienced environmental leaders to continue to pursue their passions and drive forward their successful strategies for a sustainable future. Your gift today – during this season of gratitude and sharing – will give us the resources to continue providing grassroots environmental leaders the tools they need to protect our shared planet.

We are fired up, we are creating community and hope every day, and we are so grateful to have your support and commitment. Member support keeps us innovating. Your gift will help us grow environmental leadership in the new year!

We wish you a holiday season filled with appreciation for family, community, and planet. We are here, together.

With warm wishes,

John Knox Signature

John A. Knox
Executive Director

PS: With your donation of $10 or more you will receive our quarterly Earth Island Journal, and for a gift of $40 or more you may choose to receive a copy of the book The Wildness Within: Remembering David Brower.

PPS: Please help us grow our community! give an Earth Island Institute gift membership or an Earth Island Journal subscription to your family members, friends, and colleagues.

Thursday December 18, 2014

The Best of Earth Island Journal

Get the latest environmental news from Earth Island Journal. Here are our favorites from the last few weeks:

Most Popular: New York’s Fracking Ban is a Major Setback for the Oil and Gas Industry. Journal contributing editor Adam Federman writes that following the fracking ban in New York, activists are now laying the groundwork for a national campaign against "extreme energy."

Editors’ Pick: We Need to Talk About Meat Consumption and Climate Change. Reporter Tom Levitt writes that world governments’ indifference about the climate impact of high levels of meat-eating is matched by widespread public ignorance about the carbon footprint of meat and dairy production.

Thursday December 18, 2014

Check Out the Journal’s New Issue

The Winter 2015 issue of Earth Island Journal leads with a provocative cover story about the effort get chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants, and other creatures recognized as legal persons. Other articles in this edition include: a wonderful piece of adventure journalism about a trip to visit the “Cathedral in the Desert” at the bottom of flooded Glen Canyon … a conversation with writer-farmer-philosopher Wendell Berry … and an inaugural column by our new columnist, Anna Lappé. Subscribe or buy a copy at the newsstands. Help us produce more in-depth stories like these by making a donation to our Green Journalism Fund today!

Thursday December 4, 2014

Best Ethical Destinations 2015

EII’s Ethical Traveler will be announcing its 2015 “10 Best Ethical Destinations” awards at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club on December 8. The award honors 10 countries – all in the developing world – that are protecting their environments and promoting a socially just, sustainable tourism economy. Event details and ticket information here.

Thursday December 4, 2014

Tell Whole Foods to Avoid Toxic Buildings

Whole Foods claims to be “America’s healthiest grocery store,” yet it has publicly aligned with Green Globes, the building certification system set up by the chemical, plastics, and timber industry, which undermines progress toward healthier buildings and sustainable forestry. Join EII’s Greenwash Action and sign this petition urging Whole Foods to take a stand against substandard green building certifications and make it their official policy to avoid toxic chemicals in the built environment.

Thursday December 4, 2014

Ashoka Fellowship for Alter Terra Director

Oscar Romo, director of EII’s Alter Terra, has been chosen as an Ashoka Fellow for helping change the way some environmental problems are solved, specifically, improving coastal wetlands and water quality preservation in areas where ecosystems are shared by national or international borders. More information about the prestigious fellowship and Romo’s work here.

Thursday December 4, 2014

Celebrate H2Opeful Women

Every week in December EII’s Global Women's Water Initiative will celebrate an African woman who has transformed her community through sustainable water and sanitation initiatives. This week, the project is featuring Catherine Nasmiyu Ondele, a nurse in a small village in Kenya who changed her once-suffering clinic into a thriving center for health services, water and health education and learning about water and sanitation technologies. Read more about Ondele here.

Thursday December 4, 2014

Take Our Reader Survey

What motivates you to support our work? How do you prefer to read the Journal – online, in print, or both? What kind of stories do you like the best – long features or shorter news dispatches, stories about climate change or ones involving wildlife? Please take five minutes to complete our reader survey so that we can learn how to serve you better.

Thursday December 4, 2014

The Best of Earth Island Journal

Get the latest environmental news from Earth Island Journal. Here are our favorite web-only stories from the last two weeks:

Most Popular: TransCanada's Energy East Pipeline Faces Stiff Opposition at Home. Reporter Ron Johnson writes about how rising public protests against yet another tar sands pipeline project is forcing some Canadian provinces to challenge federal decisions on the matter.

Editors’ Pick: Oil Train Blockades in the Pacific Northwest and the Transformative Power of Direct Action. Activist-writer David Osborn explains how direct action can deeply transform participants in ways critical to mobilization and innovation in the climate movement.

Thursday December 4, 2014

Conservation Hero Award for Former Poacher

EII’s The Altai Project is thrilled to announce that former snow leopard poacher turned protector, Mergen Markov, has been honored with a Disney Conservation Hero Award! The award recognizes local citizens for their tireless efforts to save wildlife, protect habitats, and educate communities. Read more about Markov and his efforts to protect snow leopards in the Altai here!

Thursday November 13, 2014

Help End Wildlife Killing Contests

Thousands of coyotes, bobcats, foxes, wolves and other wildlife continue to be slaughtered in wildlife killing contests across the country. At least 11 coyotes were killed in a coyote killing contest near Bakersfield, CA earlier this month. Loopholes in California law and regulations still allow such barbaric practices to continue. EII's Project Coyote has petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission to ban wildlife killing contests. The commission is expected to take a final vote on the issue on December 3. For more information and to learn how you can help click here.

Thursday November 13, 2014

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