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Jose Gonzalez, Morgan de Lorenzo, Diana Fenstemacher Ritchie

donated to the city of Berkeley by: Council member Jesse Arreguin  & Council member Kris Worthington

For the box on Bancroft and Oxford, we designed two motifs that each cover two sides of the box. The Bancroft sides of the box will have the design of the barn owl, Berkeley’s official bird. The inspiration for the Barn owl motif design comes from the United Farm Workers flags (the Huelga Bird). This represents the hard working migrant families of Berkeley. For the oxford sides of the box, we designed a motif of a snake curling into itself creating a “B” for Berkeley. The design also has a motif of the sun, the moon, and a seed. This represents the changing of the seasons, cultivation, and the harvest of crops. For the bottom parts of the box we designed different patterns for each side representing Soil. On the side facing Bancroft, a pattern starts has three rows of triangles that representing layers of earth covering a row of growing seeds.

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