David Phillips

IMMP: A message from David Phillips

IMMP: A message from David Phillips


The Winter/Spring 1995 Ocean Alert (formerly the Dolphin Alert) is an Earth Island Institute publication.

If ever we needed a wake up call, we just got it. The leadership of both the House and the Senate of the new Congress are out to attack our hard-won environmental protection laws. Need proof? Just look at the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. It has been critical to the success of our efforts to protect whales and dolphins. As part of the House leadership's "streamlining" program, it was just abolished.

Unfortunately, this hints at more things to come, as the backers of the "Wise Use" agenda try to destroy decades of conservation progress.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining. Public support for wildlife and environmental protection is still extremely strong. Our task is to find a way to translate that popular support into action. We've faced formidable odds before and have been able to come up with some sizable victories.

1995 will test us as never before as we fight to make the oceans safe for dolphins, whales, and all other forms of marine life. This is a particularly significant year for the environmental movement - it marks the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day. This day honors the environment and recognizes the need to protect all living things. Sadly, the battles that were waged in the 1970s must still be fought today. Some dolphins are still being killed in tuna nets. Whales are being slaughtered by renegade whalers.

We need your support now more than ever before to put a final end to these slaughters. We encourage you to read the articles in this Ocean Alert and take action.

Ocean Alert - Winter / Spring 1995.

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