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Each year CSE hosts environmental leadership delegations. This year, we are planning a delegation of energy efficiency experts from Rivne, Ukraine, to the Bay Area. In 2014, we hosted in Austin, TX a delegation of young environmental leaders from Kazakhstan.  In 2013, we hosted our first social entrepreneurship delegation and introduced our Russian partners to Bay Area organizations who are building innovative solutions to social problems. Highlights of other past delegations are below. 

  • March 2-10, 2012
    Building Sustainable Cities Delegation From Kazakhstan
  • June 22, 12 - 1:30pm
    Climate Change and Human Impacts on Siberian Forests and River Flows
    Brownbag Lunch Presentation by Tamara Burenina, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Feb 26-March 6, 2011
    Kazakh Delegation
    Exchanging methods to prepare for potential oil spills in the San Francisco Bay and Kazakhstan's Caspian Sea
  • March 31-April 10, 2011
    Siberia’s Lake Baikal Delegation
    Working to develop ecotourism on the planet's oldest and largest freshwater lake which holds 20% of the world's freshwater!
  • April 8th at 8am and April 9th at 9am
    A Quarter Century of Chernobyl Events: KPFA Interviews 3 Russian Anti-Nuclear Activists on Chernobyl
  • April 10th, 4 pm
    A Quarter Century of Chernobyl Event: Nuclear Presentation and Chernobyl4Ever Film Premiere
    Event moderated by Joanna Macy



Melissa Prager, 2013 Ukraine Energy Delegation
Oleg Bodrov
Enid Schreibman
Peter Bradford
Do Lee
Melissa Prager
Enid at CSE 15-Year Anniversary
Kaisha Urainium
Oleg Bodrov and Pete Seeger
Oleg Bodrov Receives Nuclear Free Future Award
Fran and Yablokov
Fran and Dmitiriew in Kiev
Timothy Burroughs, Zaporozhye
Kaisha Akhtakhanova at the UN
Enid Schreibman and Kaisha Atakhanova at the UN
Kaisha at the UN
Kazakhstan Flow Fund Women
Ray Shadis and Oleg Bodrov
Khortitsky Island
Melissa Prager
Enid Schreibman
Open World Grantee of the Year Award 2009

2009 Delegations

John Perkins, Ukrainian Delegation 2013
Russian Mayors delegation with Mayor Gavin Newsom
Tajik Delegation Wearing Peace Bracelets with Sergio Lub
Tajik Delegation Ceremony
Tajik Delegation
Ukrainian Tour of Brower Center
2009 Grantee of Merit Award
Oleg and Ray_Archives
Maine Yankee Decommissioning


Chiviyrkuyski River, Siberia's Lake Baikal


Enid receiving traditional Ukrainian bread