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2009 Delegation Bios

Alla Aleksandruk, 20, from Cherkasy, is Deputy Head of the Regional NGO “Ecosvit”. Alla is a student at the National Aviation University, majoring in Economic Cybernetics. As an NGO leader, she has led campaigns for protection of clean water in Cherkasy, municipal energy savings, and against air and water pollution.

Serhiy Denisenko, 34, from Donetsk, is Deputy Head of Donetsk Ecological Movement. Serhiy represents NGOs in courts on environmental cases. He is a member of the community ecological council. Serhiy is interested in the development of “green” businesses and international collaboration of NGOs.

Yuriy Holik, 57, from Poltava, is the Head of the Environmental Council of the Poltava Region. He is a lecturer in Ecology at the Kondratyuk Poltava National Technological University. Yuri developed the regional campaign, “Ecology-2010”, where he implements national ecological policies on the regional level. He also coordinated the “Comprehensive Program for Garbage Utilization in the Poltava Region”. Yuriy authored more than 100 publications, including 2 monographs, 3 text-books, and 28 patents. He is interested in public campaigns to promote energy conservation and making information more accessible to the public.

Oleksandr Kasich, 37, from Dnepropetrovsk, is the Head of the Green World Dnipropetrovsk Regional Ecological Association. He also serves as the head of the Department for Information-Communication Services in the City of Dnipropetrovsk. He has taken part in ecology groups and campaigns devoted to global change climate. He is actively involved with the anti-corruption, “Worthy Ukraine” project. Oleksandr participated in conducting public hearings to promote the separation of waste.

Yuriy Tretyakov, 42, from Nikopol, is the Director of the Nikopol Local Ecological-Naturalist Center. Since 2006, Yuriy has been an active participant of the Ukrainian national environmental movement, “Khortytsya Forum”. Yuriy, through the Naturalist Center, is committed to youth environmental education. He is actively involved in organizing extracurricular environmental activities for middle-school children. He is currently working on a project which examines the flood zones of the Kakkhovka reservoir and is publishing his findings in the Red Book, in collaboration with Ukraine’s Academy of Science’s Zoology Institute.

Oleksandr Kozlov, 27, from Poltava, is a Head of the NGO “Ecosvit” of the City of Poltava, and is also an educator at M.V. Ostrohradskyy Poltava Post-Graduate Institute in Pedagogy. Oleksandr organizes and conducts training sessions in ecology and economics using innovative study methods.

Ivan Petrenko, 28, from Zaporozhye, is a Specialist with the Vodyan Village Council. Ivan is an active participant of the Ukrainian National Environmental Movement, Khortytsky Forum. In 2008 he participated in “Zhyvyy Lantsug” (direct line), a project to inform Ukraine’s public officials about social-economic conditions and the needs of the general public. Ivan also initiated a campaign to demand that the Zaporozhye nuclear power station provide a complete environmental report, in compliance with environmental legislation.

Nataliya Sobol, 44, from Dnipropetrovsk Region, is Head of the Pavlograd Children Ecological Club, “Green Planet” as well as a Teacher of Biology and Ecology with the Bulakhiv secondary school. Natalia has been committed to environmental education since the 1980s. Currently 280 students of Pavlograd schools are members of “Green Planet”, which she heads. In 2007-2009, Natalia and other environmental activists worked on educating farmers about organic products production. She initiated and helped develop an orchid reserved in the territory of the Kocherz forest. Nataliya promoted the use of energy efficient utilities in the local schools. She conducts ecological excursions and devotes her efforts to development of eco-tourism in the region.

Larysa Starodubtseva, 40, from Kherson, is a Lead Engineer at the Water Resources Office, of the Kakhovka Inter-Regional Department of Water Economy and the Deputy Head of the water resources office of the local environmental organization “MAMA-86-N. Kakhovka”. She is actively involved in addressing the environmental issues of small rivers. She is responsible for the inventory of flooding of protected lands, conducting public meetings on water conservation, and providing information to mass media .

Tetyana Stolyarenko, 42, from Zaporozhzhye, is a President of Zaporizhzhya Charitable Organization “Sozidaniye” which works on the sustainable and harmonious development of the city of Zaporizhzhye. Tetyana participated in the 2006 elections for the City Mayor, and her main goal was sustainable development. Tetyana was the first who proposed to address environmental pollution issues in the city of Zaporozhye. During 2003-2007, she researched village territories to solve local environmental problems.

-Ukrainian Local Government and NGO Leaders, June

Oleksandr Bagin, 52, from Zaporozhye, is the Executive Director of the regional environmental association “Green Movement”. Oleksandr spearheaded and is the Director of the Ukrainian National Environmental Movement, “Khortitsky Forum”. He has been an active leader in the environmental movement since 1988, and a partner of the Berkeley-based Center for Safe Energy since 2002. He initiated more than 20 community projects and campaigns on the local, regional, and national levels. His priorities are sustainable development and natural resource protection.

Yuriy Gerashchenko, 51, from Odessa, is the General Director of the Regional Centre for radiological research and Head Council for the Department of Environmental Protection in Odessa. With a background in law and journalism, Yuriy focuses on the development of new energy consumption technologies and environmental analysis to further improve ecology situation in the region. Yuriy is a member of the Journalists’ Union in Ukraine and is authored many articles. In 2001 he founded a scientific magazine “Black Sea Ecological Bulletin”.

Viktoriya Tkach, 42, from Mykolayiv, is the Head of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Mykolayiv City Council. Her duties include provision of environmental public awareness, cooperation with community organizations, cooperation between government and community organizations, international cooperation, and environmental education issues. She was responsible for the creation of a webpage “Environmental situation in Mykolayiv” of Mykolayiv City Council, to educate the community. She also was in charge project development for Solid Waste Recycling City Program.

Olena Yavorska, 52, from Vinnytsya, is Department Head of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Vinnystya Region. Olena’s main duties include promoting creation of new reservation areas, consulting on environmental protection matters during new factories and plants construction, methodological and practical help to government bodies in development of local ecological action plans, informing community of local ecological problems and ways of their resolution. Olena is a community leader, recognized as a specialist of biology and landscape preservation in the region. She initiated and participated in the opening of more than 30 reservation areas in Vinnitsya region.

Nina Zelyuk, 42, from Poltava, is the Executive Director at the Center for Social Research and History Instructor at Poltava Cooperative College. Nina trains youth educators how to teach energy consumption and utilization and recycling practice in Poltava region. As an executive director of the Center for Social Research Nina works on community development, and issues related to addressing ecological problems.

Yevheniya Bondarenko, 24, from Mykolayiv, is an Inspector for the Mykolayiv City Council Bureau of City Environmental Design. Yevheniya is a young leader at the Mykolayiv City Council, but also an influential representative of Community movement of Mykolayiv. Since 2007 she has been active in community ecological events. She is a member of the Community Council of the Department of Environmental Protection in her region, she is also the Director of the Mykolayiv Youth Community Organization “Young Guard”. She is a deputy of the city council and has initiated ratification of laws, approved by community, directed on sustainable development of local governance.

Anatoliy Bystray, 29, from Poltava, serves as Deputy Head of the Poltava City Council Executive Committee. Previously, he served as the Assistant to the Deputy of the Ukraine Supreme Court. Anatoliy’s current main duties include management of municipal infrastructure and addressing environmental issues. Anatoliy initiated reorganization of housing in Poltava, including creation of a union of main housing organizations for effective and operative management. Anatoliy is interested in the questions of cooperation of government and NGOs in addressing environmental issues and specifically interested in issues of recycling and waste.

Mariya Kuchko, 27, from Kyiv, is a Senior Consultant at Renewed Energy Agency. Mariya serves as advisor to the director and her work includes preparation of analytical reports about potential use of renewed energy in Ukraine, design of technical documentation, and analytical reports on environmental protection situation and energy. She also takes part in demonstrative projects on renewed energy issues. Mariya is in charge of the organization of the conference “Energy of Bio-mass” and “Change of Climate and Business”.

Dmytro Levytskyy, 29, from Kyiv, serves as a lawyer at the All-Ukrainian Charity Organization “Institute for Local Development”. As a lawyer, he participates in projects that support the reformation of communal system in Ukraine. In 2004, Dmytro cooperated with State Committee on communal housing in Ukraine and continues work on legislation development in that area. Today, Dmytro works on private public partnership in the sphere of communal services, including legislation development for water and heat supply; implementation of energy consumption technologies and a reform of relations in a housing system.

Volodymyr Plyuschev, 58, from Lugansk, is the Deputy Head of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Lugansk Oblast. Volodymyr has been working in environmental protection since 1990. Since 2007 he has been the Deputy Head of the Agency of the Environment in the Lugansk region. He oversees the following environmental issues for the State Agency: control and administration over water resources, fish resources, carbon dioxides in the atmosphere, garbage waste deposits. Volodymyr brings together community councils for the most urgent issues and works on solving and bringing them to the public.