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Supporting Citizens’ Organizations in the Former Soviet Union

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Groups Defending Civil Rights in Kazakhstan


Zhenskiy Luch

"Zhenskiy Luch" (Women's Ray) is an organization in the Akmolinskaya Oblast of Northern Kazakhstan. They met with and interviewed 100 village women to gather information on pressing women's rights issues.

Subsequent to analyzing this information, Zhenskiy Luch planned to organize a roundtable that would include mass media, community groups, and local government to discuss the results and how best to involve local government and community groups in furthering women's rights.

Women's Law Center of Alma-Ata

The Women's Law Center of Alma-Ata, an initiative group in Almaty, won a grant for two projects: (1) to give free consultations on women's rights to 400 women and representatives of women's organizations, and (2) to organize three 2-day seminars on women's rights to representatives of women-led NGOs from Almaty, Karaganda, and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

The training sessions were entitled "Introduction to gender rights of women in the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan." The Women's Law Center will represent the interests of women to governmental bodies and support the publication of work on women's rights in mass media.

Taraz Center for Fairness

In the Southern region of Kazakhstan, the Zhambul Regional Public Association "Center for Fairness" in Taraz received a grant to create a free legal clinic where law students will render free legal services to marginalized groups of Kazakhstan, with a focus on protecting the rights of women and children.

The clinic will provide free legal help to 6 people every day for 6 months. In addition, this clinic will write a newspaper column answering legal questions on the rights of marginalized groups.

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