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  • Do you speak at least some Russian, and maybe have some volunteer experience?
  • And are you ready to give generously (and also receive a lot) at our glorious Lake Baikal?

    If so - then come join us for an adventure in Siberia! Our organisation - known as USTYE (or the Goloustnoye Center for Ecology, Culture and Information) - welcomes you!

We are a local office of the new Baikal Center for Conservation of Biodiversity, and we ask you to join and assist our local community-based initiative in our picturesque Russian and Buryat village, Bolshoye Goloustnoye. We are located within Pribaikalsky National Park, some 2-3 hours from Irkutsk, and set right on the shores of Lake Baikal! We welcome (two-week minimum) volunteer assistance from experienced and independent volunteers, esp. those who can converse in Russian. We are not looking for tourists, really; but people who have skills in areas that might include (but are not limited to):

  • Biodiversity conservation, restoration, and monitoring;
  • Nature and culture interpretation and guiding;
  • Trail construction and maintenance;
  • Park and land trust organization and administration;
  • Ecotourism, campground, and bed & breakfast administration;
  • Environmental education;
  • Cultural anthropology and ethnology;
  • Sustainable community-based rural development;
  • Computer and Internet instruction for children;
  • English-as-a-foreign-language instruction.

The more that you can offer us and Baikal, the more that we can offer you, in terms of support and adventure, in exchange. Join us, for an experience of a lifetime, on the shores of life-giving Lake Baikal!

For further information please contact Goloustnoye Center for Ecology, Culture and Information "USTYE".

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