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Nov 3, 2000
The first photo gallery is now available on our website. This gallery is devoted to Baikal seals (also called nerpa) - the unique marine creatures that are inhabited at Lake Baikal in Siberia (Russia). Follow the link to see them and learn more about them (Baikal Nerpa).
Nov 3, 2000
Ecotourism website is developed for people who are intersted in going to one of the ecotours around the world as well as for those, who are interested in promoting these ecotours. Our photo gallery shows different wonders of nature around the world. Check it out by following to the link (Photo Gallery).
Nov 3, 2000
You can find a suitable for you ecotour and contact the company, which provides the tour, directly from our website. In order to do this you just have to go to the section of our website, called Ecotours, and just click on the region you would like to go.

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