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July 15, 2008

Far Ocean of Singapore Clears Up Gill Net Concerns

Earth Island Institute has resolved its concerns about the alleged use of gill net-caught tuna by the company Far Ocean Sea Products of Singapore.  This company has provided information about their fishing activities to Earth Island’s Dolphin Safe Tuna Program to confirm that Far Ocean is not involved in gill net-caught tuna and is working toward buying sustainable seafood products for its customers.

Earth Island has removed all Consumer Alerts concerning Far Ocean from our websites.  However some of these alerts are still available as archived sites on Google and possibly other search engines.  This notice is to confirm that those alerts are no longer valid, and consumers, tuna processors, and importers should not be concerned about Far Ocean Sea Products of Singapore.

For up to date information on Earth Island’s Dolphin Safe Tuna Program and a list of tuna companies that do not harm dolphins and other marine life when fishing, go to:

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