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UPDATE 7/02/14: Kroger is Selling Dolphin Deadly Tuna

UPDATE 2/01/07: Food Lion Suspends All Purchase of Tuna from Mexican Dolphin-Deadly Brandread the press release here!

Dolores brand tuna is canned in Mexico by PINSA, the largest tuna processor in that country. Dolores tuna has appeared on US market shelves, often in stores that feature Mexican foods, and is sold widely in Mexico. PINSA has repeatedly refused to sign a Dolphin Safe tuna policy with Earth Island Institute.

label of can for dolores tuna
"Dolores" tuna comes in a white label (in water) or a red/gold label (in oil).

Dolores tuna is caught by chasing and netting dolphins, in order to catch the tuna which swim beneath. More than 7 million dolphins have died due to tuna fishing using this method. Some Dolores tuna labels DO NOT have a “Dolphin Safe” (“Amigo del Delfin”) logo, and this tuna is technically LEGAL to sell in the US. Other cans of Dolores tuna DO have an “Amigo del Delfin” logo on the cans. Since the tuna is caught by chasing and netting dolphins, it does not qualify for a Dolphin Safe logo under US law, and its sale in this country is therefore ILLEGAL. Mexico has no laws on labeling tuna, so the label is grossly misleading to Mexican consumers. Due to a complaint filed by Earth Island Institute, the illegal import and sale of Dolores tuna in San Diego resulted in arrest and fining of smugglers for $41,000+. However, supplies of Dolores tuna, both legal and illegal, continue to appear in stores around the US.


(1) Alert Earth Island:

If you see "Dolores" brand canned tuna for sale in the U.S., please contact Earth Island Institute with the NAME and ADDRESS of the store where it is for sale and the DATE. (See contact information below.) If you can, purchase a can and send the can or the label alone to Earth Island, with your receipt showing name and address of the store and the date.

(2) Talk to the Store Owner or Manager:

You can tell them that Dolores tuna is caught by methods that harm and kill thousands of dolphins annually. They should take it off their shelves and not sell it. The store owners are unlikely to get in trouble with law enforcement if they remove the tuna from their store shelves. (Keep in mind that SOME Dolores tuna cans, if they lack a Dolphin Safe label, are legal to sell in the US. But just because they are legal does not mean that they are good for dolphins -- quite the contrary. Urge store owners or managers to remove all Dolores tuna and cease selling it to consumers.) If you can, please get the NAME and ADDRESS of the distributor who sold the tuna to the market or store.

dolphin hanging from the block of a tuna boat in an undercover video. S. La Budde photo.Samuel La BuddeDead dolphin hanging from the block of a tuna boat
in an undercover video

If the store owners or managers are interested in selling true Dolphin Safe tuna in their stores, you can direct them to this website, which includes listings of more than 300 tuna companies that catch and process tuna without chasing, netting or harming dolphins:

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for your help!

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