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Calvo Returns to Dolphin Safe List!


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Calvo, a major tuna processor in Europe, has rejoined the Earth Island Institute Dolphin Safe tuna program, convinced to buy and sell tuna that has been caught by methods that do not harm dolphins.

Calvo is based in Spain and sells tuna throughout European markets.  They completed a new cannery in El Salvador in 2004 for processing tuna, but the regulations in the United States, which are basically the same as the international Dolphin Safe policy maintained by Earth Island Institute, prevented them from selling yellowfin tuna catches in that market.  More than 90% of the world’s tuna industry continues to follow Earth Island standards.

Talks with Calvo began this fall in Europe with Earth Island’s European Director of tuna monitoring, Paolo Bray.  Calvo submitted a new Dolphin Safe policy for the company, and follow up inspections of Calvo’s operations have ensued to ensure only verified Dolphin Safe tuna will be processed by the company.  Earth Island’s program will continue to monitor Calvo, as we do with other tuna companies that are part of the Earth Island program, to verify that Calvo’s tuna adheres to the strong international Dolphin Safe standards.

“We are pleased that Calvo has rejoined Earth Island’s program,” stated David Phillips, Director of Earth Island’s International Marine Mammal Project. “Consumers demand that dolphins be protected during tuna fishing operations. Calvo will provide consumers in Europe and other markets with a great tuna product while protecting dolphins and other marine life in keeping with Earth Island’s international Dolphin Safe standards.”

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