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Find out about tuna on your own store's shelves and what you can do to help dolphins!

Earth Island Institute monitors tuna companies around the world to ensure the tuna is caught by methods that do not harm dolphins and protect the marine ecosystem. Our standards prevent harm to dolphins and are adhered to by more than 90% of the world’s tuna companies.

In order for tuna to be considered “Dolphin Safe”, it must meet the following standards:

  1. No intentional chasing, netting or encirclement of dolphins during an entire tuna fishing trip;
  2. No use of drift gill nets to catch tuna; German Whale & Dolphin Foundation, GRD logo
  3. No accidental killing or serious injury to any dolphins during net sets;
  4. No mixing of dolphin-safe and dolphin-deadly tuna in individual boat wells (for accidental kill of dolphins), or in processing or storage facilities; and
  5. Each trip in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (ETP) by vessels 400 gross tons and above must have an independent observer on board attesting to the compliance with points (1) through (4) above.
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For more information on Earth Island’s international “Dolphin Safe” standards and for copies of our policies, see the links below.

Photo of a dead dolphin dragged off a tuna boat, still from a film by Sam La Budde
Samuel La BuddeDead dolphin being dragged off the deck of a tuna boat,
from an undercover video.

Want to protect dolphins and other marine life? DON'T BUY THESE BRANDS OF DOLPHIN-DEADLY TUNA:

Tuna Industry Safe List:

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