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common dolphins porpoising Common Dolphins, photo by Mark J. Palmer

Keep the “Dolphin Safe” Tuna Label Honest: NO NETS ON DOLPHINS!

Earth Island's unique International Monitoring Program maintains eighteen staff members in seven countries around the world, who regularly inspect tuna in canneries, at dockside, and aboard fishing vessels in order to insure consumers that the tuna they buy is truly “dolphin safe“ This is the largest private environmental monitoring program in the world. We maintain agreements with more than 500 tuna companies around the world, including all major tuna processors.

These agreements pledge tuna companies to abide by the Earth Island international “Dolphin Safe” tuna standards of no encirclement of dolphins or other marine mammals during an entire fishing trip, no accidental deaths or serious injuries of any dolphins, and no use of drift gill nets.

For information about the use of the 'Dolphin Safe' logo, contact:

Walter J Anzer
Co-ordinator – Dolphin Safe Logo/Licensing
Office Number: 0044(0)1793 726 500
Skype Number: 0044(0)121 288 1325
Skype: Earthisland

Press Release: WTO Decision Sacrifices Dolphins and Consumers
The Dolphin Safe Tuna Label Cannot Be Weakened Simply Because Mexico Refuses to Comply

U.S. Department of Commerce "Dolphin-Safe" Label Is A Death Certificate for Dolphins!
Earth Island Urges Consumers: Do Not Buy Tuna With This Commerce Department Label!

Do not buy tuna with the commerce department dolphin safe logo!


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This definition of dolphin-safe tuna is both the most scientifically sound and the most widely accepted standard for protection of dolphins and marine life. Companies that maintain such agreements in good standing are included on Earth Island's list of verified “Dolphin Safe” tuna companies.


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