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The premier youth prize in North America, honoring tomorrow’s environmental leaders

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Earth Island Institute’s Project Support Program provides an opportunity for committed individuals and groups with a good idea to launch a project with us, or to gain sponsorship for an existing project.

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Mobile Food Vending Community Meeting

Kate Whittingham: Trash on Oahu

Last Chance to Tell the Forest Service: Preserve Remaining Snag Forest Habitat in the Rim Fire Area! Please Take Action by July 27, 2016.

International Outcry Against Shark Killing at Tourist Island in Sabah

Denounced by relatives, ex-engineer battles on for indigenous S'wakians

Ready to Create an Equitable & Sustainable Food System for Oakland? Join OFPC!

Positive Response to Proposal for Taman Damai Baram (Baram Peace Park)

The Thousand Leaf Project: The Beginning

Unfinished Business: Adaptation Finance

Alameda Kitchen Supplies Wish List

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Award-winning environmental reporting, commentary, and analysis

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Where the Wild Things Are
We can no longer think of our cities or towns as exempt from the natural world – or as off limits to wildlife

The Making of a National Park
Why locals want Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument to become the nation’s next national park

Room for More
There is no better time to put forward a bold vision of an expanded national park system

Afterword: Doug Tompkins

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Restoration Initiatives

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Funds dynamic community based restoration programs in Southern California focused on protecting and enhancing wetlands and watersheds.

Also home to Earth Island’s Streets Alive!, including the Utility Box Project.

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More than 65 projects working around the world to protect our environment.

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A Glimpse of Wild Hope

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Today, at a time when species are vanishing faster than the natural rate of extinction, it can be easy to lose hope for our Earth’s future.

When Kathryn Arnold and Jane Palecek came together to curate Wild Hope magazine, they wanted to paint a different picture in people’s mind. Their goal was to inspire people to get involved in protecting other species with whom we share this planet.

The mission of the magazine is to share wildlife conservation success stories by individuals who are working on nature’s front lines to preserve Earth’s biodiversity.

With vivid and personal photography and life changing stories of experiences in the natural world, Wild Hope magazine takes us inside Earth’s thriving biodiversity and best kept stories – from the largest marine mammal rehabilitation hospital to the story of hope and redemption from a moon bear sanctuary in China.

Discover your wildest hope inside their latest print publication, Volume 2, just released.

Wild Hope is co-created by naturalists, conservationists, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists, ecologists, nature writers, photographers and artists.

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